Performance resume


  • New England Folk Festival
    (Mansfield, MA)
  • Cairo Cabaret (Chicopee, MA)
  • Ma'Salama Ya Karim (Cambridge, MA)
  • Riena's Annual Middle Eastern Dance Show at Briarwood (Worcester, MA)


  • New England Folk Festival (Mansfield, MA)
  • Danse Salmagundi (Pawtucket, RI)

    Danse Macabre (Fitchburg, MA) 


  • Moksa (Cambridge, MA)
  • Belly Dance for a Cure
    (Plymouth, MA)
  • New England Folk Festival
    (Mansfield, MA)
  • "Lifting Winter's Veil"
    (Arlington, MA)
  • "Zaman" (Portland, ME) 
  • Cafe Raqs (Somerville, MA)
  • "Belly Dance Connection", Marco Polo Restaurant (East Hartford, CT)


  • Rakkasah East (Somerset, NJ)

  • "A Village Festival 2" (Cambridge, MA)

  • Dance for Peace (Fitchburg, MA)

  • "Antony and Cleopatra", Hudson River Shakespeare Company (Hudson, MA)

  • Raq-On Dance Studio's Annual Student Recital (White River Junction, VT)

  • Cairo Cabaret (Chicopee, MA)

  • Laurel Victoria Gray workshop showcase (Arlington, MA)

  • New England Folk Festival (Mansfield, MA)


  • A Village Festival (Lowell, MA)

  • Raqtoberfest (Somerville, MA) 

  • Yankee Homecoming (Newburyport, MA)

  • Salem Arts Festival (Salem, MA)

  • stART on the Street (Worcester, MA)

  • Shimmy Shack, Ancient Art Studios (Berkley, MA) 

  • PTO Cultural Night (Newburyport, MA)

  • Cafe Raqs (Somerville, MA)

  • Bright Star World Dance 2nd Anniversary Show (Portland, ME)


  • Za-Beth's Fundraiser for the Home for Little Wanderers (Somerville, MA)

  • La Bazaar Fantastique (Albany, NY)

  • The Artistry of the Veil (Montpelier, VT)

  • Katia's Middle-Eastern Retreat (private event), (Lakeville, MA)

  • Cairo Cabaret (Chicopee, MA)

  • Aleya of Cairo Workshop Show (Kittery, ME)

  • The Sultan's Ball (Hyannis, MA)

  • Elena Lentini Workshop Show (Waltham, MA)  

  • PTO Cultural Night (Newburyport, MA) 


  • Raks Nativity (Cambridge, MA) 

  • Zabeth's Fundraiser for the Home for Little Wanderers (Somerville, MA)

  • Raqs Afire! (Portland, ME) 

  • NH NBDA presents Akhawaty Raksat, (Nashua, NH)  

  • Mass Raqs (Boston, MA)

...On behalf of everyone at Shimmy Shack, thank you! You added such a classy aspect to the evening. Your smiles and communication skills with the audience were so effortless, your choreographies were delightful and fascinating. Your authentic costuming, music, and moves made everyone happy. Comments are still coming in from my students and fans of the evening. ... I hope you will grace us again...
— Aurel D'Agostino, Ancient Art Studios
...thank you...for sharing your time and talent, grace and beauty...
— - Corlie Garrow, "Antony and Cleopatra" audience member
A wild, crazy, and sincere congratulations to the Origins Folkloric Dance Company on their fabulous full length show ...The costuming was fabulous, the set darling (cute DJ, too - nice fez!) but the dancing was a knockout. Folkloric put its best foot forward tonight, and I encourage dancers to see this troupe... It featured an incredible variety of folkloric styles from the Middle East and Northern Africa - seeing these dances helps us put our own “belly dance” tradition in a context and helps you feel the rhythms and movements so much more, as well as showing the dynamic social power of group dance.
— Heather Peckham Emerson, Dreamers' Realm Photography
I just loved your Mid-Eastern dance exhibit yesterday, and was blown away by the grace and magic of it all. Thank you so much talent you all have...
— Naomi Halpert, audience member